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Evolve IP April Deep Dive

Fri, Apr 17th, 2020 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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Evolve IP has been delivering Work from Home (WFH) technologies for over a decade. With COVID-19 in the news, nothing could be more important to business leaders than providing a secure, WFH strategy to ensure continued operations in the face of this worldwide pandemic. Evolve IP has, and always will continue to focus on delivering these three unique WFH solutions:

  • Voice-Enabled Teams – the UCaaS market has been shifting towards Workstream Collaboration providers like Microsoft for quite some time. With COVID-19 in the daily news, we can expect that trend to accelerate. Our bet is that Microsoft Teams will emerge as the clear winner since Teams is included with every subscription of Office 365, and Evolve IP has emerged as the defacto standard for Voice-Enabled Teams.
  • Workspaces – Our next generation of Desktop Computing is purpose built to address the continued migration of legacy applications to SaaS. Workspaces addresses not only the end user’s need for Single Sign-On and Anywhere Access, but provides a layer of security for accessing both SaaS-based and legacy applications at a much lower cost than traditional “DaaS only” providers.
  • Unified Contact Center – designed for the midsize contact center client that is looking for full Omnichannel WFH capabilities combined with a Hosted PBX and delivered at a price point less than your traditional Overlay CCaaS providers.

Evolve IP’s April Deep Dive will focus exclusively on these WFH technologies that will transform the way we work and live.