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Empowering the Hybrid Workforce is the Catalyst Behind Evolve IP’s Recent Brand Evolution

Empowering the Hybrid Workforce is the Catalyst Behind Evolve IP’s Recent Brand Evolution

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — March 7, 2022 — Having made a name for itself by partnering with the world’s biggest companies to bring together their unified communications, collaboration, voice, virtual desktop, and contact center tools into a single, secure solution, Evolve IP’s® success also embodies a distinctively human element in its approach to technology.

Since its launch in 2007, Evolve IP has been committed to helping enterprise IT focus on user experience, not infrastructure; designing a new, better way for organizations to buy and deploy IT services. As Ciara McNeely, Vice President of Marketing for Evolve IP, explained, Evolve IP’s people-centricity has always existed, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting move to remote work that brought the company’s central tenet to the forefront of their story: “For the past 30 years, IT strategies have been based around locations as the ‘unit of measure’ for most of the business investment,” McNeely said. “Fast forward to today, though, and hybrid work is here to stay and, in many cases, 100% of employees are remote at least part of the time. This shift has made the base unit of measure in any IT strategy the end user and it has completely changed the way businesses consider cloud services. So, we felt like it was time to focus our entire brand around making the future of work better for everyone and counting our success in terms of people served, not locations supported.”

Making the future of work better for everyone is not only a company mantra, but also a deeply ingrained component of the company’s business strategy, further built on a 5-month-long rebranding effort in conjunction with Liquid Agency, a leading Silicon Valley brand consulting firm.

One of the biggest takeaways from the rebranding work for Evolve IP’s CEO, Pete Stevenson, was viewing Evolve IP’s brand story through the lens of today’s ‘new normal’. “We rebranded because our approach to the market has to incorporate the rapid changes and adoption of remote work solutions that have become commonplace in today’s business world.” Stevenson said. “Our Work Anywhere solutions have become significantly more relevant and critical in hybrid work environments,” explained Stevenson. “We believe our brand promise isn’t just about technology and services, but also about how we care for our customers. It’s the combination of it all that represents who we are, how we go to market, and our team’s attitude towards solving complex communications problems for our clients. It’s that simple”

In a world where the hybrid workplace is here to stay and a company’s ability to support remote teams could be the difference between retaining or losing valuable talent, Evolve IP is uniquely positioned to be an essential IT ally to its customers. The seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use productivity solutions deliver an unparalleled employee experience platform tailored to today’s hybrid workforce. As Christian Teeft explained, “The workplace is no longer a location, but a collection of people—people who need to work together whenever and from wherever they are. The technology they depend on needs to play well together and we make sure that it does.”

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